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Collapsible Bowls, Colanders & Measuring Tools Make the Most of Storage-Starved Kitchens
Posted by Krista Fabregas - Lead Buyer on 8/31/2011 to Product Reviews

Collapsible salad spinner and other easy store items

New designs for collapsible colanders, salad spinners, measuring cups and mixing bowls are a space-saving answer for storage-starved kitchens. But will our tester find them as appealing in use?

Test Date: 2009-2010
Tested by: Krista, Lead Buyer for Kitchen and Cooking Tools
Result: Love 'em! Especially in Storage-Challenged Kitchens

Cooks everywhere, especially those of you navigating tight kitchens, prepare to rejoice! A new generation of space-saving collapsible kitchen tools - from bowls and colanders to handy salad spinners - has arrived to make even the stingiest kitchen cabinet seem downright expansive. 

I must admit that flexible-sided mixing bowls and measuring cups sounded a bit flimsy to me when first introduced. So, when testing collapsible tools for our product reviews, I gave them a thorough run in our kitchens, subjecting colanders to plenty of boiling pasta, mixing bowls to thick batters, and salad spinners (shown on right) to everything from romaine to iceburg. And not to mention anything my assistant chef, age 13, could dish out.

My inner skeptic was quickly silenced when, in use, these items stood up to any mixing, pouring or dumping we dished out. And the salad spinner quickly replaced its bulky predecessor that I'd had for years. Though the walls of the collapsible bowls, colanders and measuring cups we tested are flexible, they're formed in rigid, high-heat food-grade polypropylene plastic which makes them very sturdy and self-supporting when expanded. Plus, it's fun to pop collapsible bowls and colanders up and down, making them a perfect lure to get kids into the kitchen to help out.

Another great feature... collapsible bowls, colanders and other collapsible tools are designed to fit in the dishwasher in their flattened state, making space-wasting bulky loads and hand-washing large items things of the past.

Needless to say, I was a quick convert to collapsible kitchen tools, especially since my home's kitchen is anything but spacious. Collapsible colanders, bowls and measuring tools are a great solution for any cook looking to save a lot space in the kitchen - and ideal for camping, boats and RV's, too.

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